Nunkui works directly with Amazon communities and their nationalities to generate sustainable development in their territories. 

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Through the Nunkui store-gallery, we initiate projects for the communities related to conservation, bio-ventures, sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism.

These projects are financed through non-governmental organizations, state institutions or personal donations.

Your donations help us to complete these projects and contribute to the conservation of the Amazon forest and of the nationalities that inhabit it.

Your donations are always directed towards a specific project that is based on the needs of the communities that they have identified.

Please contact us and we will work with you on defining the type of donation you would like to make.

Projects where you can donate:

  • Support in the execution of the Life Plan of the Shuar Arutam People.
  • Support in the commercialization of organic agricultural products from Shuar Nationality
  • Technical assistance in sustainable production systems.
  • Strengthening of production system AJA SHUAR (organic garden), through the rescue of ancestral knowledge
  • Strengthening of ceramic production processes in Kichwa and Shuar communities.
  • Rescue project of the Shuar culture in the Los Angeles community, Morona Santiago province.
  • Rescue of ancestral knowledge about traditional medicine.
  • Natural Salt Production.
  • Strengthening of the commercialization channels for Amazonian bio-ventures, in the Galería Nunkui store.
  • Biodiversity research in the Cordillera del Cóndor

Through their support, communities will be able to access:

  • Medicine kit
  • Agricultural kit
  • Veterinary kit
  • Livestock kit
  • Organic fertilizer kit
  • Productive infrastructure (workshop, greenhouse, canopies)