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When you purchase products of Nunkui, you are contributing to the conservation of natural resources, the biodiversity of the Amazon, and to the sustainable development of the largest rainforest in the world.

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Nunkui Ecoferia Amazonia believes that living should be based in love, respect and connection with nature through creating relaxed environments where the natural biological process of being a human can thrive.

Living well depends on values such as solidarity, empathy, and connectivity. These values have been eroding over the years, just as our landscapes have been eroded by modern life. At Nunkui, we look for a return to these values to reconnect with nature and allow us to achieve harmony.

Nunkui: The Earth Goddess, Giver of Life

In the worldview of the Shuar nationality, Arutam is the God of the Gods. He lives in the waterfalls and reaches the Shuar through the rivers. Arutam represents the supreme, protective, transcendent and supernatural Spirit that transmits a special force to man. With its divine power it impregnates the Earth and the Universe to produce concrete effects in reality. This is the root and mindset of the Shuar world. 

Arutam does not have a body and manifests itself in a wide range of higher beings related to phenomena such as the creation of the world, life, death, and diseases. 

Get involved

Your donations help us to complete these projects and contribute to the conservation of the Amazon forest and of the nationalities that inhabit it.

Your donations are always directed towards a specific project that is based on the needs of the communities that they have identified. Click here to make a donation.

You will love the products in our online store and physical shop located in Cuenca, Ecuador. They are all made by hand and decorated with natural dyes obtained from the forest. By buying these products, you have something unique made by artisans of Amazonian nationalities. You are also contributing to the conservation of natural resources, the biodiversity of the Amazon, and the sustainable development of the largest rainforest in the world. With the increasing demand for these products, we increase the income to the artisans, and that provides more dignified and sustainable employment opportunities for those who need it most.

Nunkui works with Amazon communities and their nationalities and our objective is to generate sustainable development in this territory. Through our Nunkui store-gallery, we initiate projects for the communities related to conservation, bio-ventures, sustainable agriculture, and ecotourism. Your donation helps us to complete these projects which contribute to the conservation of the Amazon forest.

We need more people to know about our project.  Please “Like” us on our Facebook page: Nunkui Ecoferia Amazónica. And follow us on Instagram. We would also appreciate it if you can recommend us to your friends and family.

As a non-profit project, we know that with the help of many people we can achieve our goals. Volunteering with Nunkui can be done in different ways. You can support the shop-gallery in Cuenca by helping with communications, marketing, photography, and videos. And you can support our work in the communities for sustainable agriculture, ecotourism, conservation, and food processing. Get in touch with us to learn more about these opportunities.

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Tourism Oportunities

The Ecuadorian Amazon is one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet with its variety of flora and fauna, its natural attractions such as waterfalls, rivers, primary forest and mountain ranges, and several national parks in addition to the cultural wealth of its nationalities of indigenous peoples. This makes visiting the Amazon a unique and wonderful experience. 

The nationalities encourage tourism to their communities to foster cross-cultural exchanges and understanding, and to help conserve their resources and generate sustainable development. They, and Nunkui, invite you to be part of that fantastic experience.

Nunkui can connect you with Real Nature Travel Company, a tour operator located in Morona Santiago, which carries out responsible community tourism and guarantees the safety and success of your tour.

Depending on your expectations, you will be able to visit communities of the Amazon Nationalities, learn about their ways of life, their production systems and the crafts that they produce. In addition to being able to enjoy the Amazon landscape, its waterfalls, lagoons, rivers, navigate in them and walk in their forests.